Sep. 8th, 2009

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Sep. 8th, 2009 05:12 pm
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Had a really good weekend this weekend. Friday Adam and I went to have some drinks with my friend's parents that live in Palm Springs. They are basically responsible for Adam and I meeting. When I was on vacation in California with my friends in January, we went to visit one of my friend's parents in Palm Springs, and his mom said, "Hey why don't you go horseback riding down the street?" So Jackie and I went, and met Adam, and the rest is history. So it was really nice for Adam to meet them and vice versa. They invited us to stay at their gorgeous huge house in Palm Springs when we move there this winter. Sunny Bono lives over the back fence, Barry Manilow next door, and I think she said Julia Roberts or someone is right down the street, and that Frank Sinatra went to a party at their house once, and last summer they rented it to "some famous English actress" that Dan-o's mom couldn't think of the name of. Hah.

After that we got drunk at Conduit Labs in Kenmore Square with a bunch of friends and Adam won at Poker.

Saturday during the day Adam and I went for a carriage ride (lol!) and walked the Freedom Trail and had lunch. We got offered a job with another company and took it (more on that later).
Saturday night we went to a party to welcome my friend Sean, who has been in Scotland for the past year, back to the states. There were lots of good friends there and it was great to catch up with everyone!

Sunday we had to work, which was the best workday I've had in...ever. It was very laidback and relaxing, and profitable. We got out of work much earlier than we're used to, and came home and watched movies.

Then on Monday Adam and I went sailing on Boston Harbor in a gorgeous 31' sailboat. A couple months ago a guy came up to us and gave us coupons for a free sail, so we called him up and he remembered us and he took us out for a 2 hour cruise around the harbor. It was lovely and romantic. We had dinner at The Black Rose afterwards, which I've always wanted to try. So overall it was a great long weekend. Oh and today, I got a check from the people whose camera I mailed back to them-- they gave me a reward! That was a nice bonus!

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