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So I played tourguide for [ profile] kateandjack and her friend Naomi on Thursday night, and Friday night they took a carriage ride with me! We snapped a photo with Nacho:

I ended up taking the train home to fetch my car from my mom's house on Friday, which meant I was able to see Axie!!!

She is looking very roly-poly already! I asked the BO to cut back her feed a little bit now that she's not being ridden regularly. I'm SO glad that her winter coat is starting to grow in, because she got sooo bleached out this summer. I'm very happy to have my BLACK horse back again, thank you very much! She's not 100% back yet but it's better! I rode her for a bit outside-- the weather was beautiful-- and she was a very good girl.

Saturday at work we drove Mikey, the black percheron, again. I love him!

Oscar said he's 18.3, but that was when he first got him, and he's only 7, so I think he might be more like 19.1 or 2.

Oscar's carriages are so nice. This is a smaller 4-passenger carriage though (we normally use 6 passenger carriages) and Mikey just dwarfs it. It's weird to be able to rest your feet on the horse's butt when you're sitting on the box haha.

Nacho's feet...Dianne gets creative with the hoof polish

and me with Mikey so you can see how freakin huge he is!

Adam and I went to a party Saturday night after work, and this is what happens when we do those self-taken photos:

Whatever, we're cute, even when I don't have a chin.

So it was a decent weekend but it went by way too fast. I spent more time traveling and bringing my car back and forth and taking the train back and forth than anything. And I have the most awful cold! Ick.

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Tell Axe she has a boyfriend in Rain, even if he is a gelding...

ohhh lord that Percheron is beautiful, as is the Belgian, once again I envy your job.


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