Jul. 5th, 2009

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So I turned 21 the other day. I had a good birthday. We got a hotel room in downtown Boston (I miss living in the city!) and Adam took me to dinner, and then we went bar hopping with like 9 or 10 of my good friends. A few people that said they were gonna come didn't, but we had a good time and I drank responsibly! Our hotel room bed was soooo comfy. The day after, we went to the zoo which was fun. It was something I'd been wanting to do for awhile.

Work has been really busy so far this weekend. My boss is making me insane. I'm probably going to have it out with her tomorrow.

I've been riding my horse religiously everyday, until this week. I didn't ride on my birthday on Thursday, and couldn't the next day because we were in Boston, and I worked all day today and will have to work all day tomorrow so I won't have ridden or even seen my horse for 4 days! It's so crappy that I don't have any time for myself whatsoever on weekends. But such is life. Anyway I'm gonna go watch a movie with Adam.


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