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My boyfriend is really awesome. I don't know if I've really talked about him extensively here, but it still amazes me that by such a slim twist of fate, such an amazing person came into my life that I so easily could never have known existed. We've now been together 8 months which really isn't that long of a time but I'm so happy to have him. Today he stood up to my boss (who is being a complete bitch) for me, and he handled it so well. He's always on my side, he's ultra supportive, and always makes me feel better, even when I'm being a complete bitch.

This picture was taken back in March while Adam and I were on a 3-hour ride through the largest natural palm oasis in North America. It's on the Andreas fault line in the Indian Canyon near Palm Springs, California, and it's one of the longer rides offered at the ranch he works at. We were on top of a mountain, not a soul in sight for miles in any direction. The wind was blowing, and our horses, Jackson and Jimmy, were nose to tail. It was taken moments after what was probably one of the most romantic kisses in history.

He also got a new job yesterday and he did really well on his first day today. I'm super proud of him.

Tomorrow will be my last first day of classes ever, at least as an undergrad. I'm pretty sad about that.
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