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So I moved back to Boston last Wednesday. I ended up going back to Lakeville for a couple days but I spent the weekend here in Boston. My new apartment is sweeeeet. It's really big. Will post pictures soon. I have a random roommate, but she seems pretty cool. She's from France. I haven't been working driving a carriage the past couple weeks, long story, which I may or may not get into a friends locked post, but I've been having a great time spending time with friends and working my other job. Monday night the Dean of Students at BU bought me, my friend Emily, and our boyfriends a round. We went to the BU Pub, but it was closed for a private party for high-up BU staff, and he ended up inviting us to join in and bought us all beer. So that was really cool. My friend Dan-o gave me his awesome iMac since my laptop was having so many problems. I've been having a lot of fun with that. Now my laptop is fixed though, so I have two computers, and am pretty overwhelmed over what I'm supposed to do with them both.

Adam just went home to Lakeville. He was here all weekend but he got a job finally! Yay!

Oh yeah, Adam took some photos of me riding Ax on Friday before we came back to Boston. I miss her already!

I love my horse soooo super much!
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